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Progema is a many disciplines player specialised in the analysis, design, development and creation of real estate projects. We act as your single partner.

"Architecture is a mindset, not a profession."Le Corbusier


The wide range of experience and competencies of the Progema team allow us to act as your unique and single point of contact for each step of your building management project. [...]



Our experience extends to the each situation you face. You can rely on our experience, efficiency and independence to successfully complete your project within the deadline and budget restrictions. [...]



Thanks to our unique approach, we offer a complete range of services enabling you to have one sole contact for all your real estate assignments. Have a look at our service packages. [...]



Since more than 15 years, we provide medium to large Belgian and international companies with successful and efficient building management projects. Review some of our references [...]


Progema is a totally independent player on the Belgian market specialised in the analysis, design, development and creation of real estate projects both for the service industry (offices) and the residential sectors.
Our multidisciplinary approach is geared to act as your single partner for the real estate dimensions of your management system. This site will help you to discover the value-adding opportunities we offer and the range of products guaranteeing you can count on us as your ideal partner.
Progema is the total alternative of project management.


We are not a works contractor. Our job is to help companies consider their real estate strategy and set up projects seeking to cater for their real estate needs.
We are totally independent from any other players on the market and the posts held by our managers enable us to truly understand your situation and the specific needs of each of your company's activities.
Your collaborators' opinions are often influenced by their own interests. We have seen countless projects flounder because they were presented in a non-objective way reflecting someone's specific interests.
Your company's interests are more than simply the sum of your collaborators individual interests.

Our experience extends to the majority of situations you face. We coordinate in-house teams who lack the necessary know-how.
You can rely on our experience, efficiency and independence to solve your problems and successfully complete your project within the deadline and budget restrictions.

We are motivated by the results we obtain through our sense of team work, discipline and business ethics.

With Progema, you have one sole contact for any real estate assignment.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary approach, we offer a complete range of solutions which enable you to have one sole contact for all your real estate assignments. Three main strengths broken down into appropriate service packages:


A work environment can offer a competitive advantage but often represents a costly asset for companies. Most of the time costs are wasted rather than cost-effective. Costs may be direct (rental, amortization, charges, etc.) and/or indirect (the cost of moving from one office to another, employee motivation, maintenance, brand image, etc...). In addition, real estate assets must keep pace with the company's strategy, within its sector, so that they become part and parcel of its competitive advantage in relation to competitors.


We put our experience and our resources at your service to help you reach your objectives because here, here is no hot air, just specific achievements. Our consultants work side by side with you, as if they were part of your own team.
Our experience, our efficiency and our external input will allow you to reach your objectives more quickly and more surely. We have developed five assistance packages to meet your needs: Research and acquisition support, Funding for real estate projects, Property management, Relocations


These services have a very practical connotation.
Because you don't have the qualified personnel or you lack time, our assignment will be to carry out a series of measures at your end which will help you reach the objectives you have set.
Result-oriented, our service is very practical and professional with high added value.

We offer two types of package: Design, layout management and coordination package, Equipment acquisition package.


Hereafter you will find some of our recent references:

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Experienced Team

Our team is composed by experienced partners with more than 20 years of experience each.
Feel free to have a quick look at the profile of our main partners or to contact them directly by eMail


Michaël Jacques de Dixmude

Michaël is General Manager and Main Project Manager with more than 20 years experience in a wide variety of company management fields. His role consists of implementing new strategies in the context of change. Aware of the constant progress in technology, we have chosen to use the services of various sub-contractors in addition to our administrative staff.
Thanks to their know-how in cutting-edge areas likely to answer the specific needs of a project, they are assigned to certain parts of the project. This method adds flexibility to our structure and allows us to closely respect your needs without paying the global cost and without reducing our personal responsibility.

Marc Bertrand

Marc is our architect and has over 20 years experience both in the services sector field and in the domain of multiple unit projects.

Specialised in technical and organisational issues, he is able to oversee and respect the tightest schedules while remaining very demanding about the quality of the work carried out.

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